About us

In 2014, Alpha Acid was born. Named after the component of hops that determines a beer’s bitterness level (IBUs), it is a point of fascination for Kyle and plays a large role in developing a well-balanced beer. Since then, Kyle and his team have continued to grow organically. Committed to what first enamored him about the brewing process, Kyle and his team focus on creativity and quality. Alpha Acid strives to deliver a beer experience that you won’t get anywhere else. They brew many one-off beers while also rebrewing fan-favorites—boasting over 500 unique recipes. In fact, since Alpha Acid releases two new beers weekly, you could technically visit their taproom once every seven days and still not taste all the brews they make. Hence, how they got their nickname, “the small-batch kings”.

The closeness of the Alpha Acid family and their shared passion for crafting one-of-a-kind beer is evident when you enter the taproom. Everyone wants to be there, fostering creativity, sharing the gift of golden nectar to the Belmont community. Alpha Acid continues to grow by humble means and is thrilled to be gradually expanding the distribution of their artisanal brews. Committed to the same mission that sparked Kyle’s homebrewing adventures 15 years ago—make quality beer! 

Alpha Acid Team